Gambrillis Customer Custom Contemporary Area Rug

This beautiful red and gold contemporary rug was created for a Beer's customer in Gambrills, MD. The Nourison custom rug measures 9x9 so that it perfectly frames a living room seating area. The area rug is 100% New Zealand wool which is a very desirable fiber to have in a carpet. The natural fiber is favored because it is easy to clean and is very resilient. Wool also dyes beautifully ensuring that, if properly cared for, the color will endure for years and years. If you are looking for a custom area rug for your home, you can find out more about Beer's custom rug and made-to-order design services, on our area rug page. Or stop by our showroom in Annapolis to view samples.

Made to Order Contemporary Area Rugs


Refinished Maple Hardwood Floors

Below: pictures of Beers Flooring recent restoration of a open concept kitchen and family room hardwood floors in Annapolis, MD. Beers Flooring sanded and completely refinished the home's maple hardwood floors so that they look like new. For this project, Beer's Flooring professionals applied a clear maple Glitsa stain after sanding and repairing the floors. The Glitsa stain amplifies the grain and natural color of the maple hardwood while also providing phenomenal protection.

Refinished Maple Hardwood Floors throughout Kitchen & Family Room


Decorative Hardwood Floor Medallion

Below, a photo of a decorative Hardwood Floor Medallion installed by Beers Flooring. The star-shaped inlay consists of both mahogany and maple hardwoods and installed at the home entrance at the stair landing.

Beers Flooring professionals install decorative hardwood accents of all types in homes all over Anne Arundel County. Decorative accents and inlays come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors and wood options, like domestic or exotic hardwoods. You can select from a catalog of ready-made motifs, like boats, flowers and geometric designs or work with a Beers Flooring Professional to create your own unique, custom design.

Decorative Wood Floor Inlays & Medallions


Exotic Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring in Five Inch Plank

Below, a pictures of a recent hardwoord floor installation Annapolis, MD family room. The family selected an exotic tigerwood with a 5" wide plank. The hardwood floor is by Preverco, a brand that is designed and manufactured solely in Canada. The finish is a natural stain intended to showcase the tigerwood's natural color variation and unique pattern.

Exotic Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Throughout Living Room


Lauzon Grey Pre-Finished Maple Hardwood Floors

For the last couple of years, gray has been the "it" color in home decor. From home furnishings to paint, gray is having a moment. So it was only a matter of time before this elegant color started popping up in flooring. Gray is a perfect fit for floors because it is a neutral that blends with most decors and other colors in a home. Available in many shades, light gray to nearly ebony, pre-finished hardwood floors are an economical choice for any home.

Our Annapolis, MD clients selected pre-finished maple hardwood floors by Luzon. Lauzon is a Canadian company that is at the forefront of sustainable forest management and stewardship with FSC® certification. Additionally, all Lauzon hardwood products are manufactured without solvents, VOCs or formaldehyde. Lauzon hardwoods are third party tested and are certified CARB phase 2 – the strictest requirements in the industry establish by the Air Resources Board – California Environmental Protection Agency. This makes Lauzon pre-finished flooring a natural fit for anyone who is concerned about their home environment.

Lauzon pre-finished products come in many shades and colors, from white to black. Our Annapolis client's selected maple hardwood in "agate", a custom factory stain. Lauzon also finished the planks with their "titanium" finish that resists scratches and minimizes yellowing effects from the sun. Lauzon's pre-finished maple hardwood has a 35 year warranty for residential use.


Custom Carpet Runner on Brazilian Teak Stairs

Hallways and stairs experience a lot of foot traffic and usually receive very little interior design attention. Our customer in Crofton, MD wanted to create a visually beautiful space that was also functionally appropriate for the space. With the help of Beers professional flooring experts, the customer selected to install both hardwood and carpeting to the hall and stairway. To ensure maximum durability, Brazilian Teak Hardwood was installed in the hallway with matching stairs from EzTread (made in the USA). To reduce noise and add a design element to the space, Beers created a custom carpet runner for the hall and staircase. The 100% nylon cream carpet from Tuftex, a division of Shaw Industries, was selected specifically for its ability to withstand high-traffic areas. In addition, the carpet was treated with Shaw's patented R2X stain-resistant technology ensuring that it is easy to clean and will look like new for many, many years.


Engineered Hardwood Flooring at Park Place Annapolis

If you live in or visit Annapolis, odds are you have gone past Park Place Condos on West Street and wondered what these homes look like inside. Beers Flooring recently had the opportunity to take a look for themselves and work with a client in the building. These spacious condos have an open floor plan and wonderful views of Annapolis. Beers upgraded the home from the standard wood flooring to American Cherry engineered hardwood flooring through-out the living room and dining room. This color hardwood capitalizes on the amount of light coming from the windows and glass porch door, giving the rooms a bright and airy feel. Engineered wood flooring is also a good choice for the Park Place Condo due to its acoustic properties. While flooring products like vinyl or laminate can have an echo effect, engineered hardwood does the opposite. Engineered wood absorbs much of the sound from walking and other household noises.

american-cherry-wood-park-place (1).jpg

Edgewater Home's Stunning Carpet to Hardwood Transformation

For the last 20 years it was common for contractors and homeowners to install beige carpeting throughout newly constructed homes. The neutral covering blended into most home decors and was an affordable standard flooring option. This was the case with our client in South River Colony in Edgewater, MD. Our client had an architecturally stunning curved stairway leading to second floor round hallway with balcony views of the ground floor. The homeowners had already upgraded the space by applying custom marbling paint and murals to the walls. They approached us with request to install new flooring to compliment the luxurious surroundings. Beers Flooring collaborated with the client to design and install hardwood flooring that suited the space. Together, we selected Bruce Hardwood Flooring Red Oak Gunstock. The 3 1/4 inch planks have a high gloss finish that is both beautiful and durable.

Beers Flooring and the homeowners were very pleased with their new hardwood floor. We met the goal of elevating the flooring to the match the luxury of the space even when presented with the challenge of installing hardwood in a round space. Installation of hardwood in curved spaces can be particularly difficult. Unlike other flooring companies, Beers Flooring does subcontract to 3rd party installers. Instead, Beers Flooring invests heavily in education and training of their installation staff. With project such as our Edgewater client this practice pays off. Our professional installation employees have the experience and skills to ensure the hardwood is laid correctly with smooth transitions and seamless cuts.

Below are the before and after photos of the carpet tear-out and installation of Red Oak Hardwood in our client's home.

AFTER - carpet removal and hardwood flooring installation

AFTER - carpet removal and hardwood flooring installation

Decorative Hardwood Flooring Accents

Wood inlays, floor borders and medallions are a sure-fire method of adding elegance and the feeling of luxury to your home. These decorative hardwood accents come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors and wood options, like domestic or exotic hardwoods. You can select from a catalog of ready-made motifs, like boats, flowers and geometric designs or work with an artesian to create custom design.

When considering adding decorative accents to your floor, first determine what purpose you want it to serve. Is the accent to draw attention to an area or away from an area? Are you trying to add style to a room or highlight existing features? These questions will help you determine which type of decorative hardwood, inlays, boarders or a medallion, is best for your home.

  • Harwood inlays: Hardwood inlays can be used to visually pull a space together or create separation between two areas. For example, inlays can be used as a means to harmoniously meld vastly different flooring materials between adjoining rooms. Alternatively, hardwood inlays serve to designate gathering spaces and serve as an anchor for a grouping of furniture, like an area rug could.

  • Hardwood Borders: Adding a hardwood border creates an impression of luxury and superior craftsmanship to a room. If you have a bland space, without a lot of architectural interest, adding a border to the floor can serve to elevate the style of the room. Additionally, if you have a room with architectural elements in a specific style, a border can serve to enhance that theme. For example, if your fireplace has neo-classic motifs, adding a floor border with greek key geometric design serves to enhance it’s beauty.

  • Wood Medallions: Is artwork just for your walls? If you are looking to create a “wow” moment in your home, add a wood medallion to your floor. Just like artwork, a wood medallion will serve as a focal point in a room. The intricate design of the pieces coupled with the chosen motif instantly conveys a message about your home. Wood medallions can be added anywhere in the home. They serve particularly well in foyers and entryways. A large wood medallion under a dining room table or a large light fixture adds a touch of elegance. While a floor medallion in front of a fireplace or an arch adds to the beauty of the feature.


Edgewater Townhome Mixed Hardwood & Luxury Vinyl Plank

Welcome to this beautifully remodeled Edgewater townhome! Beers installed Preverco Brushed White Oak flooring on the main level and Impressions Summit LVP upstairs and in the basement. We installed new treads & risers that we sanded, stained and finished to match the flooring. We love what our customers chose and really enjoyed being part of their renovation which turned out GORGEOUS!


Ebony Stain on Refinished Red Oak Hardwood Floors

For this beautiful Annapolis waterfront home, we repaired boards in a few areas and then sanded & finished the whole main level with satin Glitsa. Our customer selected an ebony colored stain on the Red Oak!


Harwood Refinishing with Oil Polyurethane

We documented a before, during and after from a client’s home in Chester, MD. Beers Flooring’s professional refinishing crew, sanded, stained, and then finished the floors with oil polyurethane. What a difference a little Beers TLC can make!

Before Refinishing

Before Refinishing

During Refinishing

During Refinishing

After Refinishing

After Refinishing

Six Inch Kirf-Sawn Walnut Hardwood Floors

Thanks DLC for bringing in Beers Flooring to be part of this gorgeous Crofton kitchen remodel! We installed 6-inch kirf-sawn walnut, lightly sanded it, and then finished it with Rubio Monocoat Oil (Pure). The customer used some left-over material to make the barn doors - nice touch!


Kirf-Sawn Walnut

6” Plank Hardwood Floors

Refinishing Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Our fantastic crew and Nick waved a magic wand and brought this old beat-up floor back to life! They finished it with satin sheen Glitsa. The no-stain option exposes the red oak's natural beauty.

Refinishing Red Oak Gallery





Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

Five Inch Plank Kirf Sawn Hickory in St. Margarets

Today's pics feature floors in a gorgeous home in St. Margarets... absolutely love this 5" kirf sawn hickory! We installed over 1000 square feet and lightly sanded and finished it with Pure color Rubio Monocoat Oil.


Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

Antique distressed oak floors

This home's new owner asked us to touch up a few scratched areas. We installed these antique distressed oak floors back in 2005 and no other work has been done to them since... they've held up beautifully over 12 years!

22713423_934981773317276_4334327739881902343_o (1).jpg

Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography