Decorative Hardwood Flooring Accents

Wood inlays, floor borders and medallions are a sure-fire method of adding elegance and the feeling of luxury to your home. These decorative hardwood accents come in hundreds of shapes, sizes, colors and wood options, like domestic or exotic hardwoods. You can select from a catalog of ready-made motifs, like boats, flowers and geometric designs or work with an artesian to create custom design.

When considering adding decorative accents to your floor, first determine what purpose you want it to serve. Is the accent to draw attention to an area or away from an area? Are you trying to add style to a room or highlight existing features? These questions will help you determine which type of decorative hardwood, inlays, boarders or a medallion, is best for your home.

  • Harwood inlays: Hardwood inlays can be used to visually pull a space together or create separation between two areas. For example, inlays can be used as a means to harmoniously meld vastly different flooring materials between adjoining rooms. Alternatively, hardwood inlays serve to designate gathering spaces and serve as an anchor for a grouping of furniture, like an area rug could.

  • Hardwood Borders: Adding a hardwood border creates an impression of luxury and superior craftsmanship to a room. If you have a bland space, without a lot of architectural interest, adding a border to the floor can serve to elevate the style of the room. Additionally, if you have a room with architectural elements in a specific style, a border can serve to enhance that theme. For example, if your fireplace has neo-classic motifs, adding a floor border with greek key geometric design serves to enhance it’s beauty.

  • Wood Medallions: Is artwork just for your walls? If you are looking to create a “wow” moment in your home, add a wood medallion to your floor. Just like artwork, a wood medallion will serve as a focal point in a room. The intricate design of the pieces coupled with the chosen motif instantly conveys a message about your home. Wood medallions can be added anywhere in the home. They serve particularly well in foyers and entryways. A large wood medallion under a dining room table or a large light fixture adds a touch of elegance. While a floor medallion in front of a fireplace or an arch adds to the beauty of the feature.