Wide Plank Live Sawn White Oak Hardwood Flooring

Check out this local Annapolis Architect's gorgeous home! We installed 4" Live Sawn white oak flooring and white oak stairs. We then sanded, stained (color - Jacobean) and finished everything with Glitsa (satin sheen). Amazing job Stubby Shore and Nick Humphries!!


African Sapelli Installation in Heritage Harbor Home

Many thanks to a wonderful couple in Heritage Harbor - they were a pleasure to work with, and we appreciate them opening their home to us for photos. We replaced approximately 1000 sqft of carpet with African Sapelli - gorgeous!

heritage harbor African Sapelli.jpg

Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

COREtec Plus XL for Doctor's Office New Flooring

With so many flooring products on the market today, it is easy to get lost in all of the choices. Beers Flooring of Annapolis, MD works with homeowners and business owners to help them narrow down the thousands of options to find products that meet their individual needs. Recently, Beers Flooring had the opportunity to work with local Opticians who were redesigning their offices. When installing a flooring product in a light commercial space, such as an doctor's office, some very specific criteria must be met. The list of criteria included:

  • Extreme Durability

  • Easy to disinfect, clean & maintain

  • Waterproof

  • Certified for low chemical emissions

  • Sound-proofing

  • Quick installation

  • Clean, modern aesthetic

Given these criteria, Beers Flooring and the doctors selected, COREtec Plus XL Luxury Vinyl Tile, one of the best vinyl tile products on the market today. COREtec Plus Luxury Vinyl Tile met all of the criteria for this project. In addition, COREtec Plus has some unique attributes that made it the perfect choice for our client.

Extreme Durability, Easy to Clean & Waterproof - An Optician's office is a high traffic area that receives lots of abuse in the form of high heels, rain/snow-soaked boots, coffee spills and dropped items. COREtec Plus fit the bill as it a highly durable product that has a patented wear layer over the vinyl, core and cork layers. The wear layer provides extra protection against excessive damage and gives the product its commercial rating. Additionally, COREtec is 100% waterproof. Additionally, COREtec PLus, with its cork backing, is naturally resistant to both mildew and mold.

Certified for low chemical emissions - A doctor's office sees patients of all ages and degrees of health. Therefore, it is crucial for a doctor to have flooring that is safe for all visitors. COREtec Plus is GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for Indoor Air Quality. The certification is a strict process whereby the manufacturer’s products are put through a series of tests to ensure low chemical emissions. All GreenGuard gold certified products are considered safe for persons sensitive to chemicals, such as the elderly and children, which makes these products ideal for doctor’s offices.

Soundproofing - With its cork underlayment backing, COREtec Plus provides excellent soundproofing. With this luxury product, you won't get the hallow echo that vinyl flooring is known for.

Quick Installation - To install the new luxury vinyl tile, Beers Flooring first needed to remove and dispose of the wall-to-wall carpet that covered the 900 square foot area. After removing carpet tack strips and staples, Beers Flooring moved right onto installation of COREtec Plus XL. COREtec Plus does not need to acclimate to the temperature and humidity in the room, as many other flooring products do. Beers installation team was able to install the product out-of-the box the same day it was brought in. Additionally, COREtec Plus has a sustainable cork backing that absorbs imperfections in the subfloor due to the carpet installation. With this luxury tile product, Beers was able to get right to work. This saved the Doctor valuable time and money, as they did not need to shut down the office for an extended period or have large, unsightly boxes pilled up in their waiting room.

Clean, modern aesthetic - COREtec Plus is the largest luxury vinyl plank on the market. Plank sizes are as wide as 9 inches and as long as 6 feet. From the dark grey shown here in our client's office, to dark brown stains, light creams and golden oaks. Our client selected the widest plank available in "Gotham Oak" which gave him the modern, clean and upscale look he was going for.

So, for this project, COREtec Plus, really was the best luxury vinyl tile for the project. Beers Flooring, and our client, are very pleased with the results of the installation of this luxury vinyl tile. Below are a few pictures of the finished waiting room, so you can see the finished installation for yourself. If you are considering installation of luxury vinyl flooring in your home or office, call Beers Flooring today. We offer free in-home consultations and are able to bring product samples to you. Contact us by calling 410-897-0626 or email us.


Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

Reclaimed Oak Hardwood Floor with Glitsa Finish

Back in 2009 Beers Flooring was selected to install reclaimed antique oak hardwood flooring in a West Annapolis home. Just recently, the homeowners invited us back to take pictures of the floor. After 7 years these floors still look fantastic.

The homeowners of this West Annapolis house contacted Beers Flooring because they were interested in installing eco-friendly reclaimed hardwood floors. The homeowners wanted to be environmental conscience and selected reclaimed antique oak barn siding. While this flooring can be slightly more expensive than new hardwood floors, its beauty and durability are well worth the price. You see, many of the reclaimed antique wood that are recovered today are from old growth forests. These types of woods are no longer available on today's market due to extinction or environmental protection of the species. Old reclaimed lumber, like the oak barn siding for our West Annapolis client, is cherished by flooring companies because of the antique wood's low moisture content. This gives the wood exceptional stability and little chance of shrinking or splitting. These woods also tend to be denser and structurally sound, providing unmatched stamina. Additionally, antique wood is simply beautiful. Oxidation occurs on the surface of the wood during its natural aging process as it dries over a hundred years or more. This creates a warm patina which is almost impossible to duplicate on newer lumber. Plus, many woods retain markings from its' previous life. Markings made from the original axe cutting, joinery or just scratches add to the allure of reclaimed antique hardwood floors.

In addition to installing the reclaimed antique oak hardwood, Beers Flooring sanded and finished the floors as well. The finish applied is Glitsa, which is only available through professional hardwood flooring contractors. Glitsa finishes are known for their clarity and grain-enhancing capabilities. The pictures below illustrate the durability of the finish as well. Seven years later and the floors look like they were finished yesterday.

Reclaimed and antique floor installation, sanding and finishing require expert care and know-how. If you are considering installation of reclaimed antique hardwood, call Beers Flooring today.


Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

Hardwood Installation and Refinishing in Annapolis Home

The homeowners of this spectacular home in the Fishing Creek Farms community in Annapolis, MD contacted Beers Flooring. Beers Flooring found that approximately 1/3 of the home already had oak flooring installed. The other 2/3 of the house was covered in carpeting. The homeowners loved their current oak hardwood flooring and wished to have it installed through-out the entire house. The homeowners asked Beers Flooring to provide an estimate of work for removing the carpeting, replace the carpet with hardwood and refinish the existing hardwood floors. Beers Flooring and the Fishing Creek homeowners collaborated on a plan to:

  • - remove and dispose of the old carpeting

  • - sand and repair the old Oak Hardwood Flooring

  • - install 2 1/4" Select White Oak where the carpet was

  • - refinish & stain both the new and old oak flooring

With that Beers Professional Flooring crew, immediately pulled-up and disposed of the Fishing Creek homeowners old carpeting. Next, they turned towards the old oak hardwood floor. Beers removed years of accumulated dirt, heavy scratches and old stain by sanding the floors with our low-dust sanding system. Once this process was completed, Beers Flooring crew reviewed the old oak hardwood with the homeowners to point out any areas that needed extra attention due to rotting boards or water or pet damage. We they repaired those hardwood planks and moved on to repairing the subfloor where the carpeting once laid. The Beers crew removed all the carpet staples and glue to get it ready for laying the new 2 1/4" Select White Oak hardwood flooring. Next Beers Flooring installed an underlayment on top of the subfloor. An underlayment is almost always suggested to provide noice reduction, moisture resistance, warmth and cushioning underfoot. After the underlayment installation was completed, Beers installed the new Select White Oak hardwood floor.

To create a sense of continuity between the rooms in the house, our Annapolis homeowners, with Beers Flooring Professionals assistance, selected Rubio Monocoat finish. Rubio Monocoat is a zero-VOC hard-wax oil that is produced in Belgium. The finish requires only one coat of wax to seal and protect the floors for many years. Hardwood floors finished in Rubio Monocoat are easy to maintain and have excellent liquid resistance. Rubio Monocoat comes in over 40 colors and our homeowners choose "White Cotton" to finish and seal their hardwood floors. The crisp white finish lends the floor an elegant but modern feel to this beautiful home.


Photo Credit: Tom Konisiewicz Photography

Exotic Sapele Provides Durability & the Look of Luxury

Beers recently installed these beautiful engineered hardwood floors in our Annapolis client's home. The top layer of the flooring is made from African Mahogany, also know as African Sapelli and Sapelle. This durable flooring consists of a top layer of hardwood called a "wearlayer". Underneath the hardwood, the flooring contains layers and layers of plywood. This composition of hardwood and thick plywood underneath delivers excellent advantages to homeowners. Since the top layer of the engineered flooring is actual hardwood, homeowners get to enjoy all the natural characteristics and beauty of the hardwood. Additionally, the plywood layers provide greater strength and stability than a solid wood floor. For example, engineered woods are more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, allowing for greater installation flexibility. That means these engineered floors can be installed in basements or over top of existing flooring.

Our Annapolis client decided to remove carpet and laminate that covered his living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway. Beers replaced it with wide plank, 5 3/16", African Mahogany flooring that adds beauty, not to mention increased value, to the home. Below are three photos of the engineered flooring Beers installed.


Red Oak Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood floors is one of the most cost effective ways to improve the look and value of your home. Beers Flooring recently meet with a family in Annapolis that wanted refinish the Red Oak Hardwood floors throughout their home. After years of foot traffic, sun exposure, water spills and accidental dings, the Annapolis customer wanted to bring the floors back to life. Additionally, the customer wished to change the color of the floors to a darker, more modern color.

Below are a couple of photos from our Annapolis customer's home during and after the restoration process. The first photo shows the living room and staircase after our professional flooring team sanded and removed the poly, stain, scratches, discoloration and damage caused over the years. The team also spent time repairing areas where there were small cracks and crevices. This step was essential to staining and sealing the floors properly.

The second picture shows the beauty of the Red Oak floors after Beers Flooring experts stained and finished the floor. The color seen here is a custom color created using a combination of Miniwax dark walnut and English chestnut stains. This custom stain showcased the grain variation in the red oak floors and gave them a beautiful, modern light espresso tone. The hardwood was then sealed with three coats of Glitsa Stain to ensure durability and an added layer of stain resilience.

During Refinishing of Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

During Refinishing of Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

After Refinishing Red Oak Hardwood with a custom stain of MinWax dark walnut and English chestnut stains

After Refinishing Red Oak Hardwood with a custom stain of MinWax dark walnut and English chestnut stains

Rustic Hickory Hardwood Floors in Annapolis

Beers Flooring recently installed these beautiful hickory hardwood floors in a client's home in the St. Margaret's neighborhood of Annapolis, MD. The floors are "kerf sawn" giving the wood the rustic look of antique or reclaimed hardwood floors. Kerf Sawn is a technique whereby saw marks cut perpendicular to the length of the boards. Combined with the natural beauty of color variation in hickory, the client's floors convey warmth and homeyness.

Additionally, our St. Margaret's client selected wide plank hardwood of 5" width. The larger plank size creates fewer seams in the pattern and makes the room look larger than it actually is. Finishing the hickory hardwood floors, our professional installation team sealed and protected the wood with a Rubio Pure finish. Rubio Monocoat Pure Oil Finish is a green product that contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or harmful chemicals. As such, the finish has no effect on indoor air quality and no residual smell when it is completed. The finish on the hickory floors enhances the rustic feel of the floors by providing highlights and contrast to the texture created by the kerf saw technique.

Beers Flooring is a professional hardwood floor installation company. Since 1992, Beers Flooring has installed exotic, reclaimed, domestic and green hardwood flooring all over homes in the Annapolis area.




White Pine Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Beers Flooring is a professional wood floor refinishing & restoration company. Since 1992, Beers Flooring has sanded, refinished and restored most species of wood floors in and around Anne Arundel County. Beers recently visited a customer in Pasadena, MD to restore their reclaimed antique distress oak hardwood floors. This beautiful reclaimed hardwood floor has lots of color variation and texture. To ensure that the wood's antique and distressed look remained intact, Beers professional flooring refinishers performed a Buff & Coat. This procedure is a quick, virtually dust-free solution that removes surface scuffs and scratches from the hardwood. This quick facelift is followed this a finishing agent to protect the wood from further damage. In this case, Beers Flooring selected to apply one coat of Infinity (Glitsa) Waterbase Finish.

Before White Pine Refinishing

After White Pine Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Custom Hardwood Floor Herringbone Pattern & Stain

Throughout history many a culture have been known to be excellent builders. The best engineers however were the Romans. To this day you can see examples of their engineering feats all over Europe in the form of ancient roads. Romans started building roads to expand their Empire and trade routes in 500 BC. That they last today is a testament to their skills and techniques. One of the most notable techniques is the use of a herringbone pattern which greatly improved the strength and durability of the roads. Not only is the herringbone still a solid construction technique but it is a beautiful pattern. When used in flooring it exudes classic and refined styling.

Recently, Beers Flooring had the privilege of installing the classic herringbone pattern using Select White Oak for an Annapolis, MD client's home. Our client wanted the traditional look of herringbone but also a floor that would compliment their contemporary decor. Beers Flooring experts specialize in custom floors patterns and have mastery of color and stain applications on hardwood. For this flooring project, Beers applied Rubio oil in cotton white. The matte finish of the stain not only emphasizes the grain of the hardwood and the design pattern, but it matches our client's contemporary design aesthetic. Rubio Oil is made from natural plant oils so it is environmentally friendly and emits no VOCs. An additional benefit of Rubio Oil is that if your hardwood is scratched or wears in one area, the floor can be spot repaired (rather than having to refinish the entire floor). Rubio Oil is available in 30 additional colors as well. The custom flooring possibilities are limitless!

Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation in Herringbone Pattern


Exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Beers Flooring worked with our client in Annapolis, MD to create this unique living room space. In the partially-sunken living room, our professional installation staff installed exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood. To give the exotic floors some dimension and a touch of modern, we installed natural maple stair treads on living room and 2nd floor risers. Another beautiful design decision, maple hardwood rectangles at the base of the stairs and at the landing, elevates the look of the entire hardwood floor installation. Decorative elements such as these add a look of luxury and master craftsmanship to a home's interior. Beers Flooring is proud to deliver custom hardwood floor installations such as this to homes all over Anne Arundel County.

Exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors with Maple Stair Risers

Brazilian Cherry throughout the family room with Maple Risers extending from the sunken-room

Brazilian Cherry throughout the family room with Maple Risers extending from the sunken-room


Buff & Coat Hardwood Refinishing for Local Restuarant

Before and after photos of Beers Flooring hardwood floor restoration for Carpaccio's restaurant in Annapolis, MD. Using the dust-free procedure called, 'buff and coat refinishing, Beer's Flooring brought these well-trafficked floors back to life. The procedure requires less down time than other refinishing methods and gives hardwood floors a quick facelift.

Before Buff & Coat


After Buff & Coat


Antique Hardwood Refinishing in Annapolis, MD

Historic Pine Hardwood Floor Restoration

When Annapolis Green, a community environmental group, decided to relocate their offices to a storefront on Maryland Avenue, they were faced with some big renovation challenges. The first of which, was the historic hardwood flooring. The original pine floors were well over 60 years old, and as with many old hardwood floors, were covered in layers and layers of paint. The pine floors were last painted with a dull, dark brown color that was chipped, pealing and unattractive (see before photos below). With Annapolis Green’s mission to encourage sustainability and responsible environmentalism, it was only natural that they investigate earth friendly ways to restore their hardwood floors to their natural beauty. The group turned to Beers Flooring to evaluate the antique pine floors and provide a plan for responsible restoration.

Over the last 25 years, Beers Flooring has refinished many antique and historic floors all over Annapolis and the surrounding areas. Almost all old hardwood floors can be salvaged and refinished. However, it takes skilled and seasoned flooring professionals to refinish, repair, patch and treat them correctly. Many antique floors suffer damage from termites, pets, water, foot traffic and general wear. Beers’ professional floor refinishing team are all employees of the company and have the experience and technical training to tackle a delicate project such as the one for Annapolis Green.

Beers Flooring started by sanding the antique pine floors to remove the layers and layers of paint, stain, polish and dirt. Once the raw wood is in view, Beers’ Flooring staff walked the floor with the client to talk about which sections of the floors would need repairs or patching. After making the agreed upon repairs, the Beers Flooring staff applied a satin sheen, water-based finish on the historic pine hardwood. A natural water-based finish brings out the color and texture of the wood while still provide a durable top coat that will protect the wood from heavy foot traffic in the years to come.

Beers Flooring is proud of the results. Not only did Annapolis Green save money by refinishing the hardwood floor, with proper maintenance, the floor will not need refinishing for another 20 or 30 years. Additionally, Beers Flooring was able to keep with Annapolis Green’s environment mission and deliver a happy customer simultaneously.

Before Beers’ Hardwood Refinishing


After Beers’ Hardwood Refinishing

after-pine-floor-restoration-400px (1).jpeg

Custom Purple Surya Wool Rug

Beers Flooring produced these purple Surya rugs for a family room in Annapolis, MD. In addition to two 8'x10' 100% wool area rugs pictured below, the customers also ordered a few matching runners (not pictured) as well. The variety of colors, styles, motifs, patterns and materials available from Surya's standard collection is limitless. With prices starting at $99.00 for 2' x 3' area rugs, Surya standard's are an affordable but luxurious flooring product.

Custom, Made-to-Order Surya Area Rug


Made-to-order Surya Wool Area Rugs

Did you know that Beers Flooring also carries made-to-order and custom area rugs? For example, below is a picture of an Surya area rugs Beers Flooring created for a customer's family room. The Harwood, MD family selected this made-to-order 'Athena' rug which has a modern gray and gold vine and berry pattern. The 100% hand tufted wool rug has a medium, carved pile with cotton canvas backing. As requested by the clients, the area rug was cut and bound to 12x15 size. Surya offers this pattern in 9 additional colors with custom dimensions and shapes.

Custom Made Surya Wool Are Rug, Made-to-Order for Beers’ Flooring Customer