Antique Hardwood Refinishing in Annapolis, MD

Historic Pine Hardwood Floor Restoration

When Annapolis Green, a community environmental group, decided to relocate their offices to a storefront on Maryland Avenue, they were faced with some big renovation challenges. The first of which, was the historic hardwood flooring. The original pine floors were well over 60 years old, and as with many old hardwood floors, were covered in layers and layers of paint. The pine floors were last painted with a dull, dark brown color that was chipped, pealing and unattractive (see before photos below). With Annapolis Green’s mission to encourage sustainability and responsible environmentalism, it was only natural that they investigate earth friendly ways to restore their hardwood floors to their natural beauty. The group turned to Beers Flooring to evaluate the antique pine floors and provide a plan for responsible restoration.

Over the last 25 years, Beers Flooring has refinished many antique and historic floors all over Annapolis and the surrounding areas. Almost all old hardwood floors can be salvaged and refinished. However, it takes skilled and seasoned flooring professionals to refinish, repair, patch and treat them correctly. Many antique floors suffer damage from termites, pets, water, foot traffic and general wear. Beers’ professional floor refinishing team are all employees of the company and have the experience and technical training to tackle a delicate project such as the one for Annapolis Green.

Beers Flooring started by sanding the antique pine floors to remove the layers and layers of paint, stain, polish and dirt. Once the raw wood is in view, Beers’ Flooring staff walked the floor with the client to talk about which sections of the floors would need repairs or patching. After making the agreed upon repairs, the Beers Flooring staff applied a satin sheen, water-based finish on the historic pine hardwood. A natural water-based finish brings out the color and texture of the wood while still provide a durable top coat that will protect the wood from heavy foot traffic in the years to come.

Beers Flooring is proud of the results. Not only did Annapolis Green save money by refinishing the hardwood floor, with proper maintenance, the floor will not need refinishing for another 20 or 30 years. Additionally, Beers Flooring was able to keep with Annapolis Green’s environment mission and deliver a happy customer simultaneously.

Before Beers’ Hardwood Refinishing


After Beers’ Hardwood Refinishing

after-pine-floor-restoration-400px (1).jpeg