Lauzon Grey Pre-Finished Maple Hardwood Floors

For the last couple of years, gray has been the "it" color in home decor. From home furnishings to paint, gray is having a moment. So it was only a matter of time before this elegant color started popping up in flooring. Gray is a perfect fit for floors because it is a neutral that blends with most decors and other colors in a home. Available in many shades, light gray to nearly ebony, pre-finished hardwood floors are an economical choice for any home.

Our Annapolis, MD clients selected pre-finished maple hardwood floors by Luzon. Lauzon is a Canadian company that is at the forefront of sustainable forest management and stewardship with FSC® certification. Additionally, all Lauzon hardwood products are manufactured without solvents, VOCs or formaldehyde. Lauzon hardwoods are third party tested and are certified CARB phase 2 – the strictest requirements in the industry establish by the Air Resources Board – California Environmental Protection Agency. This makes Lauzon pre-finished flooring a natural fit for anyone who is concerned about their home environment.

Lauzon pre-finished products come in many shades and colors, from white to black. Our Annapolis client's selected maple hardwood in "agate", a custom factory stain. Lauzon also finished the planks with their "titanium" finish that resists scratches and minimizes yellowing effects from the sun. Lauzon's pre-finished maple hardwood has a 35 year warranty for residential use.