Custom Hardwood Floor Herringbone Pattern & Stain

Throughout history many a culture have been known to be excellent builders. The best engineers however were the Romans. To this day you can see examples of their engineering feats all over Europe in the form of ancient roads. Romans started building roads to expand their Empire and trade routes in 500 BC. That they last today is a testament to their skills and techniques. One of the most notable techniques is the use of a herringbone pattern which greatly improved the strength and durability of the roads. Not only is the herringbone still a solid construction technique but it is a beautiful pattern. When used in flooring it exudes classic and refined styling.

Recently, Beers Flooring had the privilege of installing the classic herringbone pattern using Select White Oak for an Annapolis, MD client's home. Our client wanted the traditional look of herringbone but also a floor that would compliment their contemporary decor. Beers Flooring experts specialize in custom floors patterns and have mastery of color and stain applications on hardwood. For this flooring project, Beers applied Rubio oil in cotton white. The matte finish of the stain not only emphasizes the grain of the hardwood and the design pattern, but it matches our client's contemporary design aesthetic. Rubio Oil is made from natural plant oils so it is environmentally friendly and emits no VOCs. An additional benefit of Rubio Oil is that if your hardwood is scratched or wears in one area, the floor can be spot repaired (rather than having to refinish the entire floor). Rubio Oil is available in 30 additional colors as well. The custom flooring possibilities are limitless!

Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation in Herringbone Pattern