Exotic Sapele Provides Durability & the Look of Luxury

Beers recently installed these beautiful engineered hardwood floors in our Annapolis client's home. The top layer of the flooring is made from African Mahogany, also know as African Sapelli and Sapelle. This durable flooring consists of a top layer of hardwood called a "wearlayer". Underneath the hardwood, the flooring contains layers and layers of plywood. This composition of hardwood and thick plywood underneath delivers excellent advantages to homeowners. Since the top layer of the engineered flooring is actual hardwood, homeowners get to enjoy all the natural characteristics and beauty of the hardwood. Additionally, the plywood layers provide greater strength and stability than a solid wood floor. For example, engineered woods are more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, allowing for greater installation flexibility. That means these engineered floors can be installed in basements or over top of existing flooring.

Our Annapolis client decided to remove carpet and laminate that covered his living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway. Beers replaced it with wide plank, 5 3/16", African Mahogany flooring that adds beauty, not to mention increased value, to the home. Below are three photos of the engineered flooring Beers installed.


Exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Beers Flooring worked with our client in Annapolis, MD to create this unique living room space. In the partially-sunken living room, our professional installation staff installed exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood. To give the exotic floors some dimension and a touch of modern, we installed natural maple stair treads on living room and 2nd floor risers. Another beautiful design decision, maple hardwood rectangles at the base of the stairs and at the landing, elevates the look of the entire hardwood floor installation. Decorative elements such as these add a look of luxury and master craftsmanship to a home's interior. Beers Flooring is proud to deliver custom hardwood floor installations such as this to homes all over Anne Arundel County.

Exotic Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors with Maple Stair Risers

Brazilian Cherry throughout the family room with Maple Risers extending from the sunken-room

Brazilian Cherry throughout the family room with Maple Risers extending from the sunken-room


Exotic Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring in Five Inch Plank

Below, a pictures of a recent hardwoord floor installation Annapolis, MD family room. The family selected an exotic tigerwood with a 5" wide plank. The hardwood floor is by Preverco, a brand that is designed and manufactured solely in Canada. The finish is a natural stain intended to showcase the tigerwood's natural color variation and unique pattern.

Exotic Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Throughout Living Room